How to Know if a Torrent Keylogger Has a Virus?

Answer Knowing how to check if a torrent has a keylogger may prevent you from getting your online accounts stolen. Keyloggers record every keystroke you make. This allows them to steal your user names, pa... Read More »

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Is a keylogger a virus?

A keylogger is sometimes used as a computer virus. If your computer becomes infected with a keylogger virus, the program captures all of the information you type and transmits it to a third party, ... Read More »

What is a keylogger virus?

A keylogger virus is malware, or malicious software, that captures all, or selected, keystrokes made on a computer keyboard and sends the information to a remote attacker. Keyloggers are used by un... Read More »

What is the safe way to use torrent without catching any virus?

I've downloaded like 30 torrents and I havent got a virus yet. Usually I download the ones that have alot of seeds so people leave comments like "works great, etc...." and the uploader will respon... Read More »

Please help me, I think that my computer got a virus through a torrent file?

O-M-G! Throw your CPU out the window ASAP!**No seriously, it's just a glitchy icon! I mean was it empty before you extracted it? Do you have anything of value in your computer(besides the infinite ... Read More »