How to Know if a Graph Is Incorrect?

Answer People have biases. When results are not what those people prefer, they may try and skew the graphs to look more favorable to their interest. Problems like this make great math questions for studen... Read More »

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How to Know if the Graph Is Parallel, Perpendicular or Neither?

In algebra and geometry, it can be important to determine whether graphs are parallel or perpendicular. Parallel lines never intersect, while perpendicular lines intersect at right angles. Determin... Read More »

How to Graph Linear Equations With Graph Calculators?

Being able to graph linear equations on a graphing calculator is an important skill to have because it can save a lot of time. Graphing by hand is imprecise and difficult and calculators can perfor... Read More »

How to Graph 2 Linear Equations on the Same Graph?

Two linear equations are typically plotted on the same graph to find a graphical solution to the system made up of the equations. If the two lines intersect, the system of equations has a solution ... Read More »

How to Graph a Best Fit Graph on a Ti-83 Calculator?

Information on a scatter plot can be correlated by drawing a line of best fit, which shows a trend in the data by producing a line that describes all of the points. A line moving upward from left t... Read More »