How to Know if Your Child Is Emo?

Answer Suicide is the third leading cause of child and teen death. Academic and psychological circles speculate that the emo subculture may have had an influence in a number of these suicides. The emo sub... Read More »

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How can you find your adopted child even if you didn't know your child was born until your child is a year old and you get told your child is adopted?

How do you know if your bag of water has broken if it's your first child?

Answer You don't always.I am a midwife and I thought my waters had gone but they had not.If the baby's head is well into the pelvis they may not go at all until the baby is born.However if you hav... Read More »

If you don't know who the father is can your husband adopt your child?

Yes. It would need to be a court proceeding where a decree is issued. You should inquire at your local probate and family court department.

Can a father sign over rights to a child he adopted but has not seen the child in five years the child does not know him?