How to Know if Coil Springs Need to Be Replaced?

Answer Coil springs on a car affect tire wear, ride and stability. Often, people suspect other larger issues for a lack of handling and premature tire wear when the springs are actually the culprit. Given... Read More »

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I was told i need an evaporator coil replaced on my 28 year old AC unit. Do i need a new condenser as well?

If the whole unit is 28 years old, it's time to replace the whole unit. I don't believe the outdoor unit is 28 years old for a minute. The warranty company is like any other insurance company. You ... Read More »

When Do Leaf Springs Need to Be Replaced?

Leaf springs, a part of a vehicle's suspension system, need to be replaced when they are worn out, sagging or broken. If not in good working order, they may cause ride and handling problems.

How can i tell if i need new coil springs?

A vehicle's coil springs are part of the suspension system that supports the weight of the car while absorbing bumps along the road. They'll typically last 80,000 to 100,000 miles or more, which me... Read More »

How to Know When Tires Need to Be Replaced?

It can be hard to know when your tires need replacing. You might not think much about them during your everyday travels, but if you don't replace them in time, you could experience a blow-out. Than... Read More »