How to Know Your Plant Has Died?

Answer A plant that has stopped growing and features darkened leaves is not necessarily dead. Many plants become dormant after a time, while others look as if they are dead due to a lack of water or other... Read More »

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Your yucca plant died what do you do?

How to Plant a Tree for a Loved One Who Has Died?

Planting a tree for a deceased loved one gives the world a living memorial. One tree that has special meaning as a memorial is the ginko. The ginko tree is revered for its longevity, according to t... Read More »

Once a day i have given my soil salty water the plant died now i washed the soil and again potted in a pot but?

Why in any logic, or language, did you add salt??????This has to be a WILD and CRAZY GUY TROLLING, especially when I consider the attempt at Broken English between the question and first answer. T... Read More »

Suppose a plane crashed, and all the 420 who were on board died except 39. How many died Don't use calculator?

Is this supposed to be one of those trick questions? If so, I think you did it wrong.