How to Know When the Valve Guides Are Worn Out?

Answer Valve guides are integral to the proper operation of engines. The guides help regulate the air intake and compression by keeping valves in place as the engine works. Guides also cool down the valve... Read More »

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How to Tell If Valve Seals or Valve Guides Have Gone Bad?

Valve problems are a sign of serious issues with your car or truck's engine. Properly sealed valves are crucial to your engine's compression. A problem with the valve seals or guides will mean that... Read More »

Types of Valve Guides?

Valves are critical equipment components in many machines and plumbing setups. Valves can help control and regulate the flow of various fluids and gases, making it easy to direct when and how much ... Read More »

How to Change the Valve Guides on a Triumph TR6?

The valve guides on a Triumph TR6 are the shaft that the intake and exhaust valves slide in and out of. The valves should fit snugly inside the valve guide to provide a good seal for the combustio... Read More »

How to Replace Valve Guides on a Motorcycle?

Valve guides help to control the valve by supporting the loads placed on it during operation. Guides are normally made from nodular cast-iron and machined on the inside and outside surfaces. The in... Read More »