How to Know When the Transmission Fluid Needs Flushing?

Answer Although it can be time consuming checking the fluids under your car hood on a regular basis, preventive maintenance saves you time and money. Transmission fluid, for example, should be checked mon... Read More »

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Automatic Transmission Is Slipping & Flushing Will Not Help?

Flushing the automatic transmission, or removing old transmission fluid and replacing it with new fluid, can resolve many problems, such as slipping out of gear, according to AA1 Car. If slipping c... Read More »

Is automatic transmission flushing good?

On One Hand: Transmission Flush BenefitsFlushing automatic transmission fluid on a regular basis ensures that your transmission remains reliable for years to come. If you follow the manufacturer's ... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Automatic Transmission Flushing?

Replacement or repair of a vehicle transmission is an expensive process, as it is one of the most expensive components of a vehicle, second only to the engine. However, as important as this part of... Read More »

How to Drain & Refill Transmission Fluid & Brake Fluid?

Checking the fluids of your car is a must as part of a regular maintenance program. Running a car with bad brake or transmission fluid, or no fluid at all, can cause catastrophic damage to your veh... Read More »