How to Know When a Fuel Pump Is Leaking?

Answer A fuel pump is designed to deliver gasoline from the gas tank to the engine of a vehicle. If it stops working properly, it can stop the engine from running. Knowing the warning signs of a malfunc... Read More »

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How to Switch My Evinrude 90 HP VRO Fuel Pump S to a Regular Fuel Pump?

Evinrude outboard motors with the VRO2 system don't require you to mix oil with the fuel. Instead, the oil is metered, as required, into the fuel the 2-stroke engine burns; hence the name "variable... Read More »

How to Replace a Mechanical Fuel Pump With an Electrical Fuel Pump?

The choice between a mechanical or electrical fuel pump is more of a personal preference than a choice between a pump that is better than another. But one thing is true: If you have a high performa... Read More »

What Are the Symptoms of a Leaking Water Pump?

Ignore a leaking water pump in vehicle equipped with an aluminum head engine and you may end up with warped heads caused by the overheating of the engine. The expense to replace warped heads is far... Read More »

How to Fix a Water Pump that is Leaking Coolant?

The water pump functions as the heart of the cooling system. The impeller blades within the pump drive the water by force through all of the engine passages, into the radiator, and back again throu... Read More »