How to Know When a Car Relay Is Bad?

Answer Whenever you operate a switch to an accessory in your car that carries a lot of current--such as the lights, wipers or horn--you run a small amount of current through a relay which, in turn, closes... Read More »

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How to Tell If You Have a Bad AC Relay?

The relay in your car or light truck's air conditioning system controls the compressor. By using a relay, the high-current electromagnetic compressor clutch can be controlled by a low-current switc... Read More »

What is an Automotive Relay?

An automotive relay takes a small signal from some sort of actuator switch such as a brake pedal sensor, ignition key or reverse safety switch and uses it to activate the required circuit.

How to Wire a Car Relay?

Adding aftermarket improvements to sound systems, headlights and other electrical accessories can seriously overload the wiring in a modern car. In the effort to improve fuel mileage automakers red... Read More »

What Does an ECM Wiring Relay Do?

Today's complex automotive engines need information regarding temperature, fuel consumption, speed and pollution to operate properly. The instrument making these decisions, the Engine Control Modul... Read More »