How to Know When a Belt Tensioner Is Bad?

Answer The timing belt tensioner regulates tension on the timing chain, allowing the engine to run effectively. If the timing is incorrect, it can reduce overall engine power and can potentially cause exp... Read More »

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How to Install a New Belt Tensioner With Pulley for Serpentine Belt on Plymouth Voyager V6 Mid 1990 Early 2000 Years?

Typical serpentine belt...Over time, the "spring in the tensioner" wears out, weakens and the serpentine belt wears, stretches and may slip; it may come off in rain or in water puddles or may cause... Read More »

What is a tensioner belt?

All vehicles have a belt drive system involving two pulleys running on a belt. This belt causing the motion is the tensioner belt. While the belt usually requires very little maintenance, you do ne... Read More »

How to Loosen a Belt Tensioner?

The belt tensioner on all vehicles keeps the slack out of the belt and keeps the belt at the proper tension. The belt tensioner is spring-loaded with a pulley on one end that keeps the belt tight a... Read More »

How to Release the Belt Tensioner?

The belt tensioner on new vehicles is an auto-tension mechanism that automatically applies the correct tension to the serpentine belt. Of course, every vehicle is slightly different in terms of the... Read More »