How to Know When a Alternator Is Bad or Needs to Be Replaced?

Answer The alternator is a key component of your vehicle’s electrical system. While the battery stores electricity and supplies a power source for when the vehicle is turned off, it’s the alternator t... Read More »

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How to Know When Your Fan Belt Needs to Be Replaced?

Fan belts, also known as drive or serpentine belts, connect various aspects of a vehicle's engine and help power components such as the water pump, air conditioning and power steering. Damaged belt... Read More »

How to Know If a Roof Antenna Needs to Be Replaced?

Whatever the climate where you live, your television antenna is exposed to the worst of the elements, day after day. This constant battering will take its toll on your TV antenna and, over time, it... Read More »

How do I know if a hot water heater element needs to be replaced?

Testing a Hot Water Heater ElementTest a water heater element to determine if it requires replacement. Turn off the power to the water heater at the breaker box. Remove the access panel to the elem... Read More »

How to Know if Your Belt Needs to Be Replaced on a Washng Machine?

Some problems with a washing machine can be resolved through some good old fashioned troubleshooting, such as using too much or the wrong kind of detergent, cleaning the lint screen, reducing the a... Read More »