How to Know When Your Fuel Injectors Are Dirty?

Answer Fuel injectors help to keep your engine in peak performance by maintaining fuel economy and emissions. However, at some point in time, the fuel injectors can become dirty. When the fuel injectors ... Read More »

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Could dirty fuel injectors cause missing at idle speed?

On One Hand: Electrical Problems Often Cause MisfiresWhen your car is missing at idle speed, you usually think electric or ignition problem. You check the spark plugs, the distributor and the wires... Read More »

What should you clean fuel injectors with?

On One Hand: There Are Many Products You Add to Your Fuel.The easiest way to clean your fuel injectors is to buy an additive at your auto parts store that you simply add when you fill your gas tank... Read More »

How to Clean GM Fuel Injectors?

For a fuel injector to work properly, it needs to be able to turn the liquid fuel into an atomized vapor. Several inventors tried improving the process with limited results, but finally in 1982, th... Read More »

Can I Block Fuel Injectors on Sea-Doo 3D?

The fuel injectors on the Sea-Doo 3D are blocked as part of the engine's pressure pressurization test. This test is required by the maintenance schedule after the first 10 hours of operation. Afte... Read More »