How to Know When Your Alternator Is Defective?

Answer You can test batteries with a voltmeter or multimeter. Depending on how it reads with and without a load, you can determine whether your alternator is failing to charge the battery when the engine ... Read More »

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How to Know When an Alternator Fails?

The alternator in your car serves two very basic yet crucial goals. The first is to provide enough electricity to maintain a 12-volt charge in your automobile's battery so there is ample power to s... Read More »

How to Know When a Alternator Is Bad or Needs to Be Replaced?

The alternator is a key component of your vehicle’s electrical system. While the battery stores electricity and supplies a power source for when the vehicle is turned off, it’s the alternator t... Read More »

How to Know if Your Starter or Alternator Is Going Bad?

Your alternator keeps all the electrical processes in your car running. It does this by converting mechanical energy from the crankshaft into electrical energy stored in the car's battery. The radi... Read More »

What does it mean when a train is defective?

A mechanical malfunction has knocked the train our of service.