How to Know When Your Alternator Is Defective?

Answer You can test batteries with a voltmeter or multimeter. Depending on how it reads with and without a load, you can determine whether your alternator is failing to charge the battery when the engine ... Read More »

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My defective Wifi Card I have a latop that have defective wifi. How can I have wifi connection even if I don’t?

Yes, you can now have wi-fi connection again even if you don’t need to open your laptop and replace your wi-fi card. There are now portable wi-fi that you can insert through USB to replace your d... Read More »

I have defective Wi-fi card?

Well I can suggest to buy an external wi-fi gadgets for ex.… it’s a compact wi-fi device that you just connect to the USB.

How Can I Tell If a Windshield Is Defective?

Your car's windshield is made of two pieces of safety glass that have a plastic laminate layer in between them. On occasion, a car is manufactured with a defective or flawed windshield. Often, you ... Read More »

Is my DVD burner defective?