How to Know When Ball Joints Are Bad?

Answer The ball joints--one on each side--are key components in the suspension of the front end on most vehicles. Whether you drive a car, truck, SUV or minivan, it probably has ball joints. These strong,... Read More »

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How do i know if my ball joints are bad?

Ball joints are an important component of a vehicle's steering and suspension system. Ball joints are protected by a rubber boot held on with a metal ring. If the boot gets torn and dirt is allowed... Read More »

How Do I Know if My Car Needs Tie Rods & Ball Joints?

Bad tie rods and ball joints are a serious problem for a car. These two parts help to stabilize your car, providing support for the wheels. If they go bad, your car may experience poor handling, di... Read More »

What Happens When Your Front End Ball Joints Go Bad?

A part of your vehicle's suspension system, the front end ball joints support the weight of your vehicle as well as connect the tie rods, struts/shocks and other suspension parts to the tires. Over... Read More »

How to Separate Ball Joints?

Ball joints are "ball and socket" type joints that keep the suspension of a vehicle together. The ball joint normally connects the control arm to the steering knuckle and tie rod in the front of a ... Read More »