How to Know What to Do As a Starcraft Beginner?

Answer StarCraft 2 is a sequel game to the original game StarCraft and StarCraft Brood Wars. It is a strategy game. Here are tips to help new players or newbies.

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How to Mod Starcraft?

Beginners SC Modding Tutorial

How to Find Gas in "StarCraft"?

Vespene Gas is a critical resource in waging a successful "StarCraft" war. Locating and managing resources is just as important as building an army and developing a plan of attack, and the player w... Read More »

How to Play Starcraft Without a CD?

Some people don't know about this helpful tip. This has been released as an official patch from Blizzard. This is legal and for those who have cracks or hacks you have to have an actual cd and cd key.

How to Play Starcraft Like a Pro?

This is a serious article about the basics of Starcraft. If you don't want to pay tribute to the best strategy game of its time get out of here.