How to Know My Luteal Phase?

Answer The luteal phase of a woman's reproductive cycle is the period of time between ovulation and the start of the next menstrual period. Fertilized eggs implant in the uterus during this phase. If a wo... Read More »

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How do you know what your Luteal phase it ?

Hey Sweetie,Yep it's the day of ovulation to your next period - if its less than 10days, you wont be able to sustain a pregnancy with a short luteal phase, but it's normally between 12-16days.So yo... Read More »

Does your luteal phase ever change Help! xx?

Your LP can vary each month but it generally with stay within 1-2 days.So if you usually have a 13 day LP then it won't be uncommon for you to have a 11-15 day LP.Is it possible that when you were ... Read More »

Cramping During the Luteal Phase?

The luteal phase of the menstrual cycle is the premenstrual phase. The luteal phase begins on the day of ovulation, which can be anywhere from day seven to day 22 of a woman's cycle. Some women exp... Read More »

How to Determine Your Luteal Phase?

The luteal phase is part of the menstrual cycle that begins at ovulation and ends the last day before your period begins. According to the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler, M... Read More »