How to Know If a Tattoo Is Infected?

Answer An infected tattoo is bad news. This can be caused by dirty inking practices or improper tattoo care. Infections can be extremely dangerous if they are not properly treated. Not only do they cause ... Read More »

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How to Tell if a Tattoo Is Infected?

Tattoos have always been considered a way of life for many people who are fond of the beauty of body art. Although they can be exciting to get and show off, there are always risks that come with no... Read More »

What are the signs of an infected tattoo?

Tattooing can be a beautiful and expressive art form. But tattooing damages the skin, which is the body's primary defense against infection. After getting a tattoo, be alert for signs of infectio... Read More »

Is my pencil tattoo infected?

It most likely is indeed infected. Not from the graphite pencil but from the ink in the sharpie. If you do not have any antibiotics in your home you should definitely go to the doctor and get some ... Read More »

If you were allergic to the metal when you got your belly button pierced would it be alright for you to get a tattoo or will it get infected?

AnswerGetting a piercing is completely different from getting a tattoo. Also there are way to many variables for why people get infections after piercing. For some they have problems because they w... Read More »