How to Know If a Fuel Filter Is Dirty?

Answer It can be difficult to know when certain parts of a car need to be replaced. What your mechanic recommends can be very difficult from what you heard from the manufacturer. The engine and fuel line ... Read More »

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What Are the Symptoms of a Dirty Fuel Filter?

When a dirty duel filter is left for too long without cleaning or replacement, there is a good chance it will become clogged, which can affect engine performance. The easiest way to tell if your fu... Read More »

How to Release a Fuel Filter Line From a Fuel Filter?

Removing the fuel filter line from the fuel filter should only take a couple of minutes—the filter line is attached with quick-connect fittings that keep it attached firmly to the filter. In some... Read More »

Dirty Transmission Filter Symptoms?

The transmission in a car or truck regulates the vehicle's engine output. This power is transferred to the wheels, which moves the vehicle. The transmission is a critically important system and can... Read More »

How to Know When Your Fuel Injectors Are Dirty?

Fuel injectors help to keep your engine in peak performance by maintaining fuel economy and emissions. However, at some point in time, the fuel injectors can become dirty. When the fuel injectors ... Read More »