How to Know If a Brake Booster Is Not Working?

Answer It is very rare today to find an automobile that is not equipped with power assisted brakes. Power assisted brakes are more effective than non-assisted brakes, and they provide the driver with a mo... Read More »

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How to Test If a RAV4 Brake Booster Is Working?

The Rav4 is a small and sporty SUV made by Toyota. Since its introduction in 1996, the Rav4 design has undergone a number of significant overhauls; however, all Rav4 models are equipped with power ... Read More »

How Do I Know If My Brake Booster Is Bad on a 1997 Chevy Tahoe?

A Chevy Tahoe is basically a shorter and smaller version of the Suburban. A brake booster is the mechanisms that pushes on the master cylinder, which operates the brakes for all four wheels. In the... Read More »

How to Remove a Brake Booster From the Brake Pedal in a Tahoe?

The Chevrolet Tahoe has been popular among soccer moms and big families for years. Over that time, they've become fairly advanced, including features like electronic throttle control and a tighter ... Read More »

How to Fix a GM Brake Booster?

The power brake booster in your GM vehicle is responsible for providing vacuum pressure to the brake system. This vacuum pressure greatly enhanced the brake force you are able to apply to the brake... Read More »