How to Know If You're Being Led On?

Answer Every person wants to believe that their relationship is based upon honesty, a sense of connection with the other party and at least some common interests between the two committed persons. However... Read More »

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Is it possible to not know youre 3 months pregnant?

yes it is possible to know whether you're 3 months pregnant through symptoms such as that of: morning sickness; missed cycles; swelling of the abdomen; frequent urination; swelling and tenderness o... Read More »

What would hurt less-Falling from a bridge, being hit by a train or being shot in the head-I NEED TO KNOW?

Shot in the head because you would feel no pain

How to Know if You Are Being Used?

Being used is never nice. It could be you're being drawn into a relationship when it's neither appropriate nor healthy. You might be being used by a friend, but being used is generally when you're ... Read More »

How do I know if I'm being watched?