How to Know If Your iPod Is Locked or Unlocked?

Answer The "screen lock" feature on the iPod keeps prying eyes and ears out of your music collection. The screen lock, which doesn't activate by default, will block access to the device's user interface u... Read More »

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What does portrait orientation unlocked and locked mean on an ipod touch?

it means you cant turn it on its side. try it out.

Do you drive with your car doors locked or unlocked?

I drive with the doors unlocked because I have the same theory as you

Is an Apple iPad2 locked or unlocked?

The Zaggmate keyboard case is an award winning product which reflects the expertise and quality of Zagg and Logitech companies. It is currently the best iPad 2 keyboard in the market.It is a very s... Read More »

Do you drive with your car door's unlocked or locked?

If I'm by myself - LOCKED. There is no sense taking a stupid chance. There are creeps everywhere. A co-worker of mine was leaving work once when some dude walked up to her car and tried to open the... Read More »