How to Knit an I-Cord Onto a Knitted Bag?

Answer An I-cord strap for a bag is essentially a long tube. A simple technique, it is easy to master with a little practice. Keep the stitches tight and the yarn taught to avoid the yarn strand showing ... Read More »

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How to Knit an I Cord?

I-cord is a simple knitting technique that creates a very narrow tube of knitting that looks a bit like French knitting. This is a stitch used for creating knitting bag handles, adding as edging on... Read More »

How to Knit Onto a Barette?

Here is a great step by step article that tells you how to knit onto a barrette. So grab hot chocolate, get in a comfortable place, get your knitting and barrette, and read!

How to Connect a Desktop to the Internet With a USB Cord Onto a Laptop?

Computer users are always looking for new ways to enable sharing over (and of) the Internet. Up until recently however, Internet connections were not able to be shared directly over a USB connectio... Read More »

How to Knit Cute Headbands With Knit Flowers?

Headbands are a great way to use up your leftover scraps and skeins of yarn. They also present an optimal opportunity for splurging on luxury style yarns without having to break your budget. An adv... Read More »