How to Knit a Hat That Looks Like Kit Kittredge's White Hat?

Answer American Girl Doll Kit Kittredge's story is set in the time of the Great Depression, but that doesn't stop her from being fashionable. Her signature hat is a cloche, which is French for 'bell' -- j... Read More »

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What is in the pool every year that looks like a white strand of hair white one or two inches long?

Answer Could be your hair? One to two inches long? The chlorine can turn dark hair white because of the bleaching effect.

Anyone know the name of the shrub/tree that looks like a upside down umbrella It's white..?

Either a weeping mulberry or weeping cherry

What gun does bree from desperate housewives use it's white and looks a bit like a Colt Python but isn't that?

Is peanut a pea that looks like a nut or a nut that tastes like a pea?