How to Kill the Scorpion in "God of War 3"?

Answer The scorpion is a fairly tough opponent in "God of War 3," but once you understand the mechanics and weak spots, finishing him off will be easier. At first, attacking the giant scorpion is straight... Read More »

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How to Kill a Scorpion?

Scorpions are in the Arachnida class, which is the same classification as spiders. As with spiders, scorpions have jointed legs and are invertebrates. A scorpion is distinguished from a spider by i... Read More »

Will vacuuming up a scorpion kill it?

he is alive inside the vacuum use caution when emptying vacuumsting feels like a lit cigarette on your skin

How to Kill the Scorpion on Drawn to Life?

In the action-adventure game "Drawn to Life," the penultimate battle is with a scorpion that is nearly invincible. This magical creation of Wilfre, the game's main baddie, damages with a touch and ... Read More »

What happens when you get stung by a scorpion?