How to Kill the Leech Grave?

Answer In the "Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days" game for the Nintendo DS you must play as a warrior names Roxas and fight various enemies in different lands that relate to Disney characters and films. For examp... Read More »

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How to Kill Someone from the Grave in Halo 3?

Killing someone from the grave in Halo 3 requires good concentration on your health, possession of a hand grenade and letting yourself die. All in all, a fun way to go!

How to Locate a Leech Bed?

Leeches can be difficult to find because they can hide well in their environment due to their camouflaged appearance. Leech beds are found in almost any type of natural water source such as rivers,... Read More »

What is a torrent leech?

Bittorrent is an Internet technology that allows users to share files over the Internet in such a way that those who receive a file are, at the same time, sending the parts of the file they already... Read More »

Are leech bites dangerous?

Most likely, no. But, they do have an enzyme that acts like heparin which can cause a little heavier bleeding than you may have expected at first (apply pressure). Itching is normal during the he... Read More »