How to Kill the Boss in Epic War?

Answer "Epic War" is a flash game created by the popular online design team Armor Games. In Epic War the player controls an army of fantasy characters, ranging from the lowly hobbit to the powerful archan... Read More »

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How to Kill an Epic Creature on Spore?

Epic creatures are creatures with a thousand health and are super strong, but it is possible to kill them. This guide will show you the step-by-step process to kill an epic creature and get the ach... Read More »

How to Kill the Mechanical Apples in "Epic Mickey"?

Beetleworx are mechanical creatures that make up the bulk of the enemies you must fight in "Epic Mickey." They come in four forms: Tankers, Spinners, Hoppers and Bashers. The Tankers are the strong... Read More »

How to Kill the Last Boss in "Dark Sector"?

In "Dark Sector," you play as Hayden, a government agent sent to an island to investigate reports of genetic experimentation. When you arrive, you are infected with a virus that transforms your arm... Read More »

How to Kill the Last Boss in Silent Hill?

Silent Hill is a very hard, scary, and frustrating game, which makes the last boss obviously hard to kill.