How to Kill or Deter Mosquitoes?

Answer Mosquitoes are small insects that can cause a great deal of irritation to our lives. They are among the deadliest living creatures in the world, because they are able to carry and transmit life-thr... Read More »

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How to I deter mosquitoes from my house?

I have found that the best way to keep those pesky mosquitoes away was to hang a big bag of blood in my foyer.

How to Make Spray to Kill & Deter Spiders?

Spiders are natural predators of insects that are bothersome in our homes, such as silverfish, mosquitoes and houseflies. It is not recommended to kill or exterminate them, but they can be a nuisan... Read More »

How do I kill mosquitoes in water gardens?

Water FlowCheck the flow of your water fountain. Mosquitoes rely on stagnant water to breed. Clean your water garden's fountain occasionally to remove algae and scum build up.Add FishAdd mosquito-e... Read More »

How do i kill mosquitoes in rain barrels?

Empty Your Rain BarrelEmpty your rain barrel by gently tilting it to the ground as the water flows out. If the rain barrel is full of water, empty about half of it out by dipping plastic buckets in... Read More »