How to Kill in "Combat Arms"?

Answer In 2008, Nexon released their online, multiplayer, first-person, shooter game, called "Combat Arms." This realistic game depicts modern infantry combat in an immersive fashion. Players can access a... Read More »

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How to Aim With an AR in "Combat Arms"?

Players face off in simulated combat with real-world weaponry in the online first-person shooter "Combat Arms" game from Nexon. Each participant takes on the role of a soldier fighting as part of a... Read More »

How to Own With the G36E in Combat Arms?

G36EThis is tips on how to own in Combat Arms with the G36E, unlocked at rank Sergent.

How to Use the Famas in Combat Arms?

The FAMAS. Magazine not included.Many people think that the FAMAS is a very bad, useless weapon. In truth, it it not. Practicing and taking advantage of its strong suit will help you achieve many k... Read More »

How to Play Combat Arms?

If you ever wanted to play a good free online FPS then Combat Arms is just for you!nice edit fail FM.