How to Kill in "Combat Arms"?

Answer In 2008, Nexon released their online, multiplayer, first-person, shooter game, called "Combat Arms." This realistic game depicts modern infantry combat in an immersive fashion. Players can access a... Read More »

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How to Be Successful on Combat Arms?

Combat arms is a popular FPS game where you fight other people online. Most are newbs that gain experience and look good, while some grow out of it,others don't.

How to Play Combat Arms?

If you ever wanted to play a good free online FPS then Combat Arms is just for you!nice edit fail FM.

How to Be an Elite Mod in Combat Arms?

Have you ever wanted to be an Elite Mod in Combat Arms? An elite mod is like making your own private server with your own rules, so you are able to kick people instantly if they are being disruptiv... Read More »

CrossFire or Combat Arms?

Well I've played both of these games and I honestly think that Combat Arms is better in almost every way. The gameplay feels much better in CA than CF. The graphics are definitely a lot better than... Read More »