How to Kill a Time Lord?

Answer The Time Lords, a race of highly intelligent time-travelers, first appeared in the 1969 "Doctor Who" serial "The War Games." The Time Lords are natives of the planet Gallifrey who have mastered the... Read More »

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How to Establish Quiet Time With the Lord?

Quiet time may be solitary time, taking a bubble bath or enjoying a big bowl of ice cream when your children are playing outside. Quiet time with the Lord is when you put the Lord in your heart. Al... Read More »

How much time passes from the beginning of the Lord of the Ring trilogy books to the end?

From the day of the party to the day Frodo left the shire was about 18 years (he shared Bilbo's birthday and turned 33 the day Bilbo turned 111... it's is mentioned that he when Frodo left the Shir... Read More »

How to Kill Time?

Time is ticking away...We all find that being prepared can offer an opportunity to make good use of it. Look for simple, routine activities or tasks that you need to do or enjoy doing, and be prepa... Read More »

How to Kill Time in an Airport?

Instead of giving into the layover blues, learn how to kill time in an airport to make the experience fun, memorable and go by quickly. From shopping, to eating, to playing and more, there are doze... Read More »