How to Kill a Screen From "Dig Dug"?

Answer Players complete a level of "Dig Dug" by defeating all of the enemies on the screen. In this arcade classic, Mr. Dig Dug drills into the earth to inflate and pop all of the Pookas and Frygar monste... Read More »

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How do i solve a gray screen in full screen video from sites such as Youtube?

Simple workaround:Right click on the video and disable the hardware accelleration in the video properties.

Why is your android not letting you move apps from the home screen to a different screen?

Am looking for an easy way to remove limescale from a glass shower screen and to keep the screen clean?

We have the same problem on our basin as well, as we have a glass sink and tap. I find that rubbing a fresh lemon or lime (cut in half) on to the area - seems to get rid of it and then rinse off wi... Read More »

On a Nikon D60 how do I turn on the LCD screen to switch back and form from using the viewfinder and the LCD screen to take photos?

You use the viewfinder while taking photos and the lcd screen to view the photos after you take them.