How to Kill a Mouse in a Car?

Answer Whether it's your home, office or even your automobile, mice are troublesome pests that can take up unwelcome residence in any environment. A small crack of an open car window or door can provide s... Read More »

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The Best Way to Kill a Mouse Humanely?

In a single year, a female mouse can have five to 10 litters, consisting of five or six mice each, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health. Spotting a mouse in the daylight hours is n... Read More »

How to Kill a Trapped Mouse?

Mice are rapid breeders and like to live in dark, comfortable places with adequate food and water supplies. They will typically come indoors from outside and make their homes in your attic, walls, ... Read More »

What is the most effective way to kill a mouse?

How do i kill a house mouse?

PoisonChoose a poison that is easily contained, such as a bait box, instead of loose pellets that could pose a hazard to pets or children. Bromadiolone is believed to be safer for pets, because the... Read More »