How to Kill a Hunter on Halo 3?

Answer Hunters are some of the hardest, ugliest and baddest enemies in the Halo 3 campaign. They fire their devastating assault cannons at you, chase after you with their deadly attacks and can take some ... Read More »

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How to Kill a Hunter in Halo 1, 2, 3, 3 Odst, or Reach?

Hey there! Have you been in a big fight and there are hunters? Well here ya go! This is the place for halo n00bs that are always killed by hunters.

How Do I Kill a Head Hunter in the Witcher?

On occasion in the PC game "The Witcher," after killing a guard, the game will randomly send a head hunter after you. This seemingly indestructible bounty hunter will hound you relentlessly and kil... Read More »

How to Kill the Lion on Cabela's Big Game Hunter?

"Cabela's Big Game Hunter" is a title for the Nintendo Wii that allows you to virtually hunt a variety of animals. Some of these animals, such as the mountain lion, are extremely dangerous and diff... Read More »

How to Kill the Lion in Cabela Big Game Hunter?

Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010 is the most recent installment of the series. Your goal is to travel the world as Jack Wilde, in the hopes of becoming the world's greatest hunter. You travel to all o... Read More »