How to Kill Spider Mites on Plants?

Answer It takes only a few weeks for a spider mite to reach maturity and start laying eggs in your houseplants. This is even more troublesome when you consider that each spider mite is able to lay thousan... Read More »

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How do I kill spider mites on house plants?

Remove the Spider MiteRemove any spider webs and dust from the plant leaves. Mix together insecticide soap and water per the directions on the insecticide soap package. Use a rag soaked in the soap... Read More »

Do spider mites kill arborvitaes?

Spider mites belong in the family Arachnids, having eight legs instead of six. Spruce spider mites are a pest that attacks arborvitae. The mites reduce photosynthesis in the arborvitae by sucking o... Read More »

How to Kill Spider Mites in Houseplants?

You can eliminate spider mites from houseplants with time, careful care and water. Because spider mites flourish in dry environments, hydrating your plants is a crucial part of killing these mites ... Read More »

How to Kill Overwinter Spider Mites?

Mites are microscopic insects that attack plants to pierce their leaves and suck their juice. These insects multiply quickly, so a couple of mites can quickly turn into an infestation. During summe... Read More »