How to Kill Someone Who Has the Sword in Halo 2?

Answer When someone is after you in Halo 2 with a sword, chances are that you'll die. Here are some ways to prevent that.

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How to Kill Someone with a Sword from a Warthog on the Other Side of a Map in Halo?

If you have a friend to play with it'll look funny as Master Chief will seem to "moonwalk" through the whole map.

How to Use the Sword on Halo 3 Like a Pro?

The sword is one of the best close-range weapons, but not everyone can(no offense intended if you are horrible with it), so here is a guide so that many people can enjoy the fun of getting sword-st... Read More »

How to Sword Cancel in Halo 2?

Sword cancelling in Halo 2 is actually very easy to do.

How to Get the Energy Sword Prop in "Halo III"?

There are several ways for your character to get his mitts on a Covenant Energy Sword in "Halo 3." Energy Swords are short-range weapons used primarily by the honorable Elite soldiers who fight alo... Read More »