How to Kill Red Ants Easily?

Answer Red ants or fire ants are aggressive insects that can pose a health hazard if disturbed. Injury from red ants ranges from the mild sting or rash to the extreme allergic reaction causing death. Red ... Read More »

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How to Kill Ants in a Car?

Ants in your car can spread disease and harm people and pets with stings or bites. Inside your car, the added hazard of the insects distracting you while driving provides another incentive for rid... Read More »

How to Kill Fat Ants?

Fat ants belong in the genus Prenolepis imparis. They are sometimes referred to as false honey ants or winter ants because of their ability to forage in low temperatures. They are very fond of hone... Read More »

How do i kill ants in a flower bed?

Find the AnthillLocating the anthill will allow you to wipe out the whole ant community at once. Lay a piece of sugar or a small cookie in your flower bed. When you notice ants around it, follow th... Read More »

How to Kill Carpenter Ants?

Want to know how to kill carpenter ants? Here you will find basic carpenter ant information, product recommendations and easy to follow instructions. These ants can cause property damage to a struc... Read More »