How to Kill Pond Insects?

Answer It's a hot, humid day and you're ready to spend it cooling off at the pond. The day, however, gets off to a bad start as the bugs that are enjoying your pond start enjoying you as well. Many differ... Read More »

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How to Catch Aquatic Insects in a Pond?

There are many interesting insects that live in a pond. Several of these insects are things you otherwise couldn't catch.

How to Kill Silverfish Insects?

Silverfish are bugs found in many households. They eat cereal, flour, fabrics, and even the paste in bookbindings and wallpaper glue. The silverfish is a wingless bug, covered with scales. The adul... Read More »

How to Kill Houseplant Insects?

Even though houseplants are kept indoors, they can still become infested with insects. Common houseplant pests include ants, mealybugs, aphids, cyclamen mites and fungus gnats. If you spot any of t... Read More »

How to Kill Cockroach Insects?

When areas are kept unclean, an insect infestation is sure to follow. This is the case more so when leftover food is present. For many people, cockroaches are the worst kind of insect infestation. ... Read More »