How to Kill Moth Flies?

Answer Moth flies, also called drain flies, are approximately 1/5 inch to 1/6 inch long and resemble tiny, gray moths. They don't fly well, but instead seem to flutter about randomly. They lay their eggs ... Read More »

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Do moth balls kill moths?

Mothballs kill moths and moth larvae. Mothballs and moth crystals are made from either naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene. Both chemicals sublimate by turning directly from a solid to a gas. The... Read More »

How to Kill Flies?

The most common varieties of flies are fruit flies and house flies. These flies are the classic pests to humans. During warm months they invade homes and wreak havoc. Flies are symbols of disease a... Read More »

How to Kill Blow Flies?

Blow flies look similar to regular houseflies except they have shiny bronze, blue, green or black metallic-looking colors on their backs. They are also known as bottle flies. Killing these blow fli... Read More »

How to Kill Black Flies Outside?

Black flies are 1/16 to 1/8 inch in size and are most commonly found near springs and rivers, where fast running water can facilitate larvae development. Because the females bite and suck blood, bl... Read More »