How to Kill Mold in a Backyard?

Answer Slime mold -- which is found in lawns and gardens -- looks disgusting, but it is not harmful and will go away on its own. Mold and mildew can grow on a variety of surfaces in and around your backy... Read More »

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How to Kill Mold in a Car?

Musty or sour smells wafting from your car's upholstery may indicate a mold problem. Mold can find its way into your car when a window is left open in the rain, washed upholstery dries improperly o... Read More »

How to Kill Mold in Drywall?

Drywall is the perfect harbor for mold. This is due to the spores of mold, which allow easy access to air while giving the mold something to latch onto. It also makes it just as easy for the mold t... Read More »

How do I kill mold in a house?

Stop New Mold From GrowingControl the amount of moisture in your home. Clean up any standing pools of water, and repair leaky pipes that lead to wetness. Store items such as clothing and paper-base... Read More »

How do I kill mold on fabric?

Wear a protective mask that is designated N95 or 3M #1860. Other protective items, such as eye protection or rubber gloves are recommended but not necessary. All protective items are for your prote... Read More »