How to Kill Mold in a Backyard?

Answer Slime mold -- which is found in lawns and gardens -- looks disgusting, but it is not harmful and will go away on its own. Mold and mildew can grow on a variety of surfaces in and around your backy... Read More »

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How to Kill Mold in a Car?

Musty or sour smells wafting from your car's upholstery may indicate a mold problem. Mold can find its way into your car when a window is left open in the rain, washed upholstery dries improperly o... Read More »

How do I kill airborne mold?

Remove MoistureRemove all moisture as quickly as possible (within a 24- to 48-hour period) to prevent mold from forming and to stop continued growth. Eliminating surface mold is the only way to eli... Read More »

Can painting kill mold?

On One Hand: Painting Will Not Kill MoldPainting over mold will only cover it up. In fact, painting can give the mold a dark, wet place to continue growing. Never paint a moldy surface, even with f... Read More »

How do I kill mold naturally?

White VinegarFill a spray bottle with straight white vinegar. Put on protective clothing like rubber gloves and a dust mask to keep you from breathing in mold spores. Spray the moldy area thoroughl... Read More »