How to Kill Mites on an Indoor Palm Tree?

Answer Palm trees are tropical plants that don't do well in gardens in cold regions. Fortunately, for those who enjoy the tropical look, there are palms that thrive indoors, given proper care. Some good c... Read More »

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How do I prune an indoor palm tree?

Pruning Palm TreesRemove all dead or loose fronds with large gardening shears. Cut down any fruit clusters growing on the palm tree to prevent pest infestation. Remove any fronds growing low on the... Read More »

Indoor Palm Tree Varieties?

Adding indoor palm trees to your home or office is a great way to add moisture to the air and promote oxygenation. Not only are they good for the air you breath, but indoor palm trees also add a tr... Read More »

Can Tea Tree Oil Kill Mange Mites?

Tea tree oil has definite antimicrobial properties but very few studies have been done to test its effectiveness at killing mites. Since mange is caused by tiny mites on the skin, tea tree oil is n... Read More »

What are these tiny worms in your indoor palm tree soil?

Probably fungus gnat larva. They wiggle around on the surface of the soil when you water it and are smaller than 1cm.