How to Kill Leeches in a Tank?

Answer Leeches are external parasites that can cause their hosts to become weak, infected with secondary infections and even die. The leech's main objective is to feed on the blood of the host. Leeches te... Read More »

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How to Kill Leeches?

Following a bush walk just after a rain,or being in a moist forest, you can expect to find yourselves covered in leeches. They are extremely difficult to kill and impossible to be squashed. These s... Read More »

What can kill a tank?

A bomber, a missile from a fighter jet like a F-35 Raptor, a Warthog fighter with anti-tank rounds, another tank, and military helicopters like the Apache or the Black Hawk.

Does Ammonia Kill Septic Tank Bacteria?

An ingredient in household cleaners and solutions, ammonia is effective in killing germs and bacteria as well as removing grime from both hard and soft surfaces. When disposing of chemicals through... Read More »

How can you tell if leeches are moldy?

I would not attempt to eat them. The white bits as you describe them could be harmless or toxic.Food poisoning is nothing to mess with.