How to Kill Field Rats?

Answer If not removed from your property in a timely manner, field rats can wreak havoc on your garden, home and health. According to the University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Prog... Read More »

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How to Kill Rats That Are Hard to Get Rid Of?

You probably know you have a rat problem if you've spotted droppings, heard gnawing noises during the night or found sealed packages of food torn inside your cabinets. Many people attempt to get ri... Read More »

How to Kill Rats in the Home?

Rats chew wires, spread disease and can cause a lot of damage in your home and attic. To eliminate a rat infestation you not only have to kill the rats, but also stop them from entering your home. ... Read More »

Do rats kill mice?

Both wild and domesticated rats do kill mice. Many rats also eat the mice they kill. A rat killing and eating a mouse is scientifically referred to as "muricide," according to the Rat Behavior webs... Read More »

Does Coke kill rats?

Coke does not kill rats. Although rats are enticed by the sweet flavor of Coke, the carbonation in the beverage will not kill them, according to the Rat and Mouse Club of America.Source:RMCA Resour... Read More »