How to Kill & Clean Mold With Bleach?

Answer According to the Connecticut Department of Public Health, mold must have a damp environment, organic food source and temperate temperatures to survive. In fact, mold can germinate after a flood in ... Read More »

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How do I kill& clean mold with bleach?

Use Safety PrecautionsWear protective gloves and a face mask to prevent contact with the mold and to prevent inhalation of the mold spores. Sweep away the visible mold with an old broom or scrub br... Read More »

How do i kill green mold with bleach?

Prepare Affected AreaPour straight white distilled vinegar in a sprayer and spray the affected area. Rinse the vinegar off with water.Use BleachOpen windows and doors to ventilate the area. Fill a ... Read More »

How do I kill mold on walls with bleach?

Protect YourselfPut on rubber gloves, protective eye wear and a mask or respirator to protect yourself from airborne mold spores, the North Dakota State University (NDSU) Agriculture and University... Read More »

Can bleach kill mold&mildew?

On One Hand: Bleach: Fighting Mold and MildewAccording to, bleach will not necessarily kill mold; you must clean the mold with soap and warm water first, and sterilize it with bleach.... Read More »