How to Kill Buffalo Gnats?

Answer Simuliidae is the scientific name for buffalo gnats or black flies. There are more than 100 different species in North America alone. Gnats pose a health hazard for humans causing itching, swelling... Read More »

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How do you kill gnats in the house plants?

just eat it away. the most simple way, isn't it?

How to Dilute Hydrogen Peroxide to Kill Plant Gnats?

The gnats that you see flying around your houseplant are fungus gnats. The adults roost on the plant, fly around when disturbed and lay eggs in moist soil. But it's the fungus gnat's eggs that caus... Read More »

What can you spray on indoor plants to kill gnats or ants?

One non-toxic technique that can be used to deter gnats and ants from indoor plants is to spray the plants with a soapy water mixture. The mixture should consist of one part soap, such as dish wash... Read More »

What can I use to kill gnats and fruit flies that are living on my house plants?

Insecticides control fruit flies, but the chemicals can harm plants. An easier method is to simply place a jar of cider vinegar with a few drops of soap near the plants. The flies are attracted to ... Read More »