How to Kill Bermuda Grass?

Answer Bermuda grass offers one of the most common problems homeowners find in their yard. When you first identify the grass, you might feel tempted to simply pull the weeds out, but this isn't an appropr... Read More »

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How do I kill Bermuda grass in St. Augustine grass?

Pull it UpPull up the Bermuda grass by the roots in the summer. Mark the area where the grass was with a stake as you move through the yard. If you can't get all the roots up by hand, use a small h... Read More »

How do I kill orchard& bermuda grass?

Method 1Cut the grass as low as possible. Place a layer of cardboard, particle board or other opaque material over the area. Next, cover the cardboard with a layer of mulch to keep it in place. Gra... Read More »

How to Kill Bermuda Grass in Ohio?

Bermuda grass is often used as lawn turf because of its resistance to drought. It is classified as a warm-weather grass and is easy to maintain. Bermuda grass can grow in Ohio, a cool-weather state... Read More »

How to Kill Bermuda Grass Organically?

For many, a lawn full of lush Bermuda grass is an ideal that they will devote hours of time and thousands of dollars to achieve. To others, Bermuda grass is nothing but a nuisance and a weed, growi... Read More »