How to Kill Bacteria on Your Toothbrush?

Answer Bacteria grows almost everywhere, even on your toothbrush. This means it is very easy to transfer germs and bacteria just by using your toothbrush. An improperly stored toothbrush will breed bacter... Read More »

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Does your dishwasher kill bacteria?

How to kill cocci bacteria?

how to kill cocci bacteria..because im pregnant and at the sam e time im suffering from this illness

Why are vaccines used to kill bacteria?

Vaccines do not affect bacteria. Vaccines are given to make your body produce antibodies against a virus. Antibiotics are used to kill bacteria. Wrong. Vaccines are used to make your body produce... Read More »

HOW does toothpaste kill bacteria?

Mostly, it removes it from the surface of the teeth, and you spit the bacteria out with the toothpaste.