How to Kill Acorns in Lawn Grasses?

Answer An oak tree growing on a lawn will usually shed a generous supply of acorns during the latter half of the growing season. You may notice these acorns sprouting through the grass the next summer, pr... Read More »

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Can Dog Pee kill a lawn?

I once took a girl to a sporting event where she had to 'relieve' herself in double quick time on the grass. It died almost instantly! As a consequence, I now face a life time ban from Wimbledon.

How do I kill lawn earthworms?

Earthworms are beneficial to lawns because they help decompose organic matter. However, at times earthworm populations can get out of control, indicated by soil mounds on the lawn surface.To contro... Read More »

Do nematodes kill your lawn?

Nematodes are microscopic worms that live in the soil. Nematodes eat grass roots, which can eventually kill the grass and your lawn, if the nematodes feed on the entire lawn.References:NaEx Corp: I... Read More »

How to Kill Bugs in a Lawn?

Lawn care requires more steps that just mowing the lawn. Some lawns have become overrun with harmful insects that can damage the lawn and stunt growth. Insects can be controlled with many preventat... Read More »