How to Kick a Soccer Ball in the Air?

Answer Kicking a soccer ball into the air is a trick that professional soccer players know well, and one that novice players will need to practice diligently in order to learn. Before you are able to kick... Read More »

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How to Kick a Soccer Ball for Youth Soccer Players?

How many times have we heard it shouted from both the coaches and the parents? “Kick with your laces, not your toe.” Sounds like an easy request, but you must understand you are trying to chang... Read More »

How to Kick a Soccer Ball?

Have you ever wanted to kick a soccer ball without embarrassing yourself? Do you want it to get in the air? Here's how you may improve.

How to Kick a Soccer Ball Where You Want It?

This is one of the most important possibly the important skill of soccer. Kicking the ball where you want it to go.

How to Kick the Soccer Ball?

Soccer, also known as football everywhere outside the U.S., is a sport where players kick a medium-sized spherical ball to try to score goals against the other team.