How to Kick Someone out of the House?

Answer The kitchen is always a mess, there are clothes everywhere, and your home suddenly stinks. Maybe it's time to kick out your roommate! Please note that sometimes, you can't kick someone out of the h... Read More »

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Are my parents allowed to kick me out of the house?

On One Hand: If Under 18Parents are legally responsible for their children until they reach the age of 18. They can remove their children from their home and make other arrangements, but must provi... Read More »

I'm going to Aunt Flo's house to kick her hard in her hindquarters ... who's with me?

I hold her down you get her. Hell yeah she needs to mind her own damn bussiness mabey she just needs to get some!!!!

How to Break a Board Using a Round House Kick?

This article how to look awesome while breaking a wooden board with your foot. Though it will teach you how to look like you know tae kwon do, it won't actually teach you anything beyond kicking a ... Read More »

Can you legally kick your 15-year-old child out of the house in Massachusetts?