How to Keep the House Clean With a Full-time Job & School?

Answer Between a full-time job and night or weekend classes at your local campus, there's little time left for housekeeping. While some households may hire a weekly cleaning service or enlist the help of ... Read More »

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How do I begin to clean up a house and garage full of clutter and junk?

Hi, Either call a bunch of friends over to help you or call 1-800-GOT-JUNK, which is a company that will come to your residence and clean it out.

How to Quit Your Job & Go to School Full Time?

The burden of financial responsibility forces many people to abandon their education and focus on working full time. Some decide to return to school and receive an education to further their career... Read More »

How to Go to School Full Time & Pay the Bills?

For most college students, money is tight. It's your first time on your own and your first attempt at being financially responsible. You don't have to work around the clock to get your bills paid. ... Read More »

How can I get financial aid if I want to go back to school full time?

Fill out the FAFSA because you will get A LOT more money as an independent full time student. Also, schools use the FAFSA not only to determine your eligibility for federal funds, but also to deter... Read More »