How to Keep the Girl You Love?

Answer You've managed to capture the interest of the girl of your dreams. She's everything you've ever wanted in a romantic partner, and you would do just about anything to remain in the relationship with... Read More »

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How to Tell an Emo Girl You Love Her?

if you love an emo...So, there's that 'Emo' girl that you've fallen in love with. Question is, how do you tell her this?

How to Say I Love You to a Girl?

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How to Love a Girl?

Sometimes it seems like guys and girls have a different language of love. If you feel like that special girl in your life isn't getting the message that you love her, try these steps.

How to Get Your Girl to Love You?

This is a great way for you to get the girl of your dreams to finally notice who you really are. This is a really great way to get started in the girl world.